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Radiology Aide

Radiology Aide
Radiology Aides assist Radiologic Technologists in obtaining diagnostic images. Students in this major will learn about patient care, radiation safety,radiography handling procedures, and how to assist Radiologic Technologists. Students will participate in clinical practice.


Direct-Teacher Led Class
SOC Code: 31.9092.00

Application Process

Tuition Waiver

College Credit



National Health Science Certificate
American Heart Association CPR



Health Careers Core Curriculum 200
Core Medical Terminology 45
Anatomy 60
Physiology 60
Core Healthcare Provider CPR and First Aid 15
Introduction to Radiologic Science 10
Radiation Protection for the Radiology Aide 15
Patient Care for the Radiology Aide 60
Imaging Equipment, Processing, and PACS 50
Clinical Practice for the Radiology Aide 60




Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) is an international student organization for high school and adult students that promotes career opportunities in the healthcare industry to enhance the delivery of quality healthcare to all people. HOSA provides opportunities for students to enhance their personal and leadership qualities through individual and group projects and through skill competitions which are held on local, state, and national levels.




Cindy Rose, RN, BSN

Bobbie Sue Joslin, LPN