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Medical Office Specialist

Medical Office Specialist
The Medical Office Specialist program prepares students for an administrative role in a medical setting. Students will learn essential skills in medical office procedures, patient scheduling, medical billing and coding, electronic health records (EHR) systems, patient communication, medical ethics, and legal compliance. Through practical exercises and real-world scenarios, students will develop the necessary skills to effectively manage the front office operations of a medical facility, ensuring smooth administrative processes and positive patient experiences.


Direct-Teacher Led Class
SOC Code: 43-6013.00


Application Process

Tuition Waiver

College Credit



Microsoft Office Specialist Word
Microsoft Office Specialist Excel
Administrative Medical Assistant

National Certified Medical Office Assistant
Fundamentals of Technology
TestOut Office Pro



Fundamentals of Technology 120
Fundamentals of Administrative Technologies 120
Foundation of Medical Office 120
Medical Terminology 120
Electronic Health Records 120
Patient Billing and Medical Insurance 120
Customer Assistance 120
Career Major Capstone 120



Tuition – In-District $2,880
Tuition – Out-of-District $3,840
Fees $727
Books $479

Medical Office Specialist certifications




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